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Bible Record

Submitted by Dixie Wood

Dixie wrote:
This is an exact copy from the Bible of Tyra P. and Mary Alvis. Mary gave it to her daughter Martha Jane (Alvis) Ellis. It was then given to Martha's daughter Orra Erma (Ellis) Wilson. In December, 1977, Orra gave the Bible to her granddaughter, Dixie.

As a supplement, when the Bible pages were full, great-grandmother Martha had made notations of family records in a notebook which I also have.

Family Records

(page 1)
Tyra Alvis and Mary Brown married March 4, 1847


William Alvis and Abagail Yoho married Oct. 22nd, 1866
George Alvis and Martha Turner married April 1875
George Mills and Nancy Alvis married April 22, 1875
Albert Alvis and Ella Porter married August 17, 1878

(page 2)
Tyra Perry Alvis                      Mary (Brown) Alvis
Born July 27, AD 1848           born Oct. 9th 1830
         Married March 4, 1847

Wm. M. Alvis
was born March 23 AD 1848

James H. Alvis
was born July 4 AD 1849

John B. Alvis
was born Nov. 19, AD 1850

Franklin P. Alvis
Was born Oct 30, 1852

George A. Alvis
Was born May 11, 1854

Nancy E. Alvis
Was born January 4, 1856

Alfred A. Alvis
Was born August 28, 1857

Charles A. Alvis
Was born April 16, 1859

Mary Ann Alvis
Was born Feb. 15, 1861

Martha Jane Alvis
Was born Sept 27, 1863
George L. Ellis born December 19, 1857

(Page 3)
T. P. Alvis
Was born Sept 5, 1865

Orra E. Alvis
Was born November 19, 1867

Clarence A Ellis
Born June 24, 1886

George Clyde
(bottom of page torn away)

John Lester Ellis
Born Sept. 16, 1892

Ray Ellis
Born April 10, 1900

Archie Ellis
Born Oct.
(torn out)

(Page 4)

James H. Alvis died March 30, 1865

Mary Ann Alvis Ellis died Oct 17th, 1892

Tyra Perry Alvis  Sr. died Sept. 24, 1896

Mary Alvis died June 23, 1908

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