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Bible Records

Submitted by Susan

Susan wrote:
The Bible was my GG-grandmother's originally, and I remember my great-grandmother reading it in my childhood.

Page 1
Margaret Hart's book.
April 8th A.D. 1858.

Margaret Hart was born December 5th A.D. 1843

Holy bible book divine
Precious treasure
 Thou art mine

Thomas Brown and Margaret Hart was Married on the 11th day of March A.D. 1860. 

Page 2:

Thomas A. Brown was born december the 25th 1838. 

Margaret Hart was born december 5th A.D. 1843. 

They were Married on the 11th day of March A.D. 1860. 

Lorinda Brown was born November 25th A.D. 1860. 

William Thomas Brown was born March the 11th A.D. 1863.

Page 3:

William T. Brown Died June 22nd AD 1863 

Margaret Brown Died June 25th AD 1863 

Elisabeth A. Brown second wife of Thomas A. Brown Died January 29th 1879. 

Thomas A. Brown died May 20th 1900 

William J. Miller Died January 19 1925 

W. J. and Lorinda Miller came to Elkhart Ill February 1884

Page 4:

William Miller Son of George H. & Mary J. Miller was born May the 27th 1856 

Lorinda Brown Daughter of Thomas A and Margaret Brown was born November the 24 1860 

William Miller and Lorinda Brown was united in the holy bonds of Matrimony in the year AD 1879 on Oct the 15th

Page 5:

Wayne County. 

George Thomas Miller son of William and Lorinda Miller was born August the 31st 1880 

Mary Margaret Miller daughter of William and Lorinda Miller was born Feb 12, 1883 

Logan Co. 

Charlie C. Miller April 20th 1885 

William P. Miller February 27th 1887 

Amy A. Miller October 19th 1889 

A. Carl Miller June 24th 1894

Page 1 & 2: Entries appear to be in the same hand.  Probably Margaret Hart's, based on the content.
Page 3:

Entries of deaths of Margaret and William T. Brown appear to be a second hand. Perhaps Catherine Carroll Hart, Margaret's mother? Matches entries on page 4.

Entries of deaths of Elisabeth and Thomas Brown appear to be in a third hand.

Final entries on this page appear to be the hand of Lorinda Brown Miller, based on content.

Page 4:

Writing appears to match some entries on page 3. See above.

Page 5

Birth of George Thomas Miller appears to be the same hand as page 4 (Catherine Carroll Hart's?).

Other entries are another hand, probably Lorinda Brown Miller's.

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