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Submitted by Erin Bradshaw

Erin wrote: An interesting note: All the girls except Laura went by nicknames of their middle name. Jennie or Janie (Mary Jane), Ella (Emma Ellen), and Lizzie (Rachel Elizabeth).

The family moved to Wayne County before 1869. I also have obit for J.C.from Wayne City Journal.

J.C. (Jefferson Campbell)
Elizabeth Walker's parents were Raleigh and Mary (Polly) Trowbridge Walker. Parents were b. in KY and m. in Washington Co., IN.

From a page in the Bible (believed to be J.C.'s) and as it was written:

In Memory of our Family

was born in of Dunklin Co., MO
Marion Co., TN was joined in
on the  Holy Matrimony 
30th day of June A.D., 1837            to 
Death April 26, 1922 A.D Miss E WALKER
  of Dunklin Co., MO on the
Miss Elizabeth WALKER 12th day of Apr. A.D., 1858,
His wife, was born in Washington Co.,  at Home in Dunklin Co 
Ind. on the 24th by Peter Thornberry, J.P
day of Oct. A.D., 1838
Death Spring of 1918 A.D.

James H. MERRET Dec.  2, 1860 1940
Sanford T. MERRET Feb.  4, 1862 Dec 1945
William W.MERRET Mar. 29, 1864 Jan 8, 1964
Raleigh F.MERRET  Feb. 5, 1866 Aug. 29, 1944
Mary J. MERRET  Oct.  5, 1867  1946
Emma E. MERRET Apr. 16, 1869  May 26,1966
Nancy A. MERRET Apr. 7, 1871 Aug. 19, 1872 - Age 1yr.4m.12d
Rachel E. MERRET June 26, 1873 Aug. 29, 1945
Thos. J. MERRET July  1, 1871 Dec. 15, 1934
Iris E. MERRET  Oct. 15, 1877 July 19, 1878 - Age 9m. 4d.
Laura M. MERRET Feb. 12, 1880 June 10, 1937

Presented to Thomas By His Parents Dec. 11, 1903

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