Wayne County

Bible Records

Transcribed by Ruth Howe

Submitted by Spencer Ardell Bullard

Notes from Spencer (more at end):
"Fathers name was Nathan was written by Lorenzo Dow Bullard between 1850 and 1860 in his Bible. This followed by "Mothers name was Sarah Stroud before she was married" was a great surprise found in Lorenzo's Bible in mid September 1998. The significance of this is, there is evidence identifying Lorenzo b. 1816 in TN as a brother to Wright b. 1797 in SC, Asa b. 1793-1805 in SC, Elijah b. 1806 in SC, John b. 1810 in TN, Stroud b. 1814 in NC, and Sarah b. 1821 in TN. Nathan and Sarah Stroud were married January 21, 1795 in Duplin County, NC.

The bible is a large hard cover book with front page separated from main binding. The title and copyright pages are missing. The family records are loose pages in clear plastic protective covers. The bible has been passed on to Olive Sue Withrow, Fairfield, IL, a gg-granddaughter of Lorenzo Dow Bullard.

Following are the records copied with the spelling and format included in the bible. I am translating from a copy made from the originals by Ruth Howe, my sister.".


Mother dide September the  -?- 1837 (or 1839?)
Father dide April the ? 1842 ?
Fathers name was Nathan
Mothers name Sarah Stroud before she was marred
Meador Bullard was dide October the 24, 1858
Lydia Bullard dide November the 28, 1859
Helcenia Bullard dide November the 11th 1862 on Monday nite about 9 oclock
Sarah Ann Martha Blankenship dide August 7, 1868 on Frida about 7 oclock at nite
Rodah C. Bullard dide May the 5th 1874 on Tuesday
Sierrena Vada Bullard dide February the 7th, 187? On Sunday about 5 oclock
Ezra Shurman Bullard dide November 2 on Tuesday at 9 oclock
Milley C. Bullard dide April the 18th ? on Thursday 11 ½ oclock
Asa E. Bullard dide July the ? on Tuesday at 10 oclock
Aachelaes Bullard dide December 13,1878
L. D. Bullard dide December Wednesday the 1--?- (off page)
End of record page 1

Page 2 of records

Lorenzo D. Bullard born in October 9, 1816
Rodah Bullard was born in August the 23 1818
Sarah Ann Martha Bullard was born August the 31, 1838 on Friday
William Harvey Bullard was born January the 28, 1840 on Tuesday
Nathannel J. Bullard was born March the 30, 1842 on Sunday
Lydia Elizira Bullard was born July Monday 24, 1843
Ephriam Washington Bullard was born May on Friday 15, 1846
Helcena Bullard was born October the 13, 1848 Friday
Milley Charlotte Bullard was born November Thursday the 12th, 1850
Sierene Vada Bullard was born November the 5, 1853
Ezra Shurman Bullard was born July the 16, 1856 on Wednesday
Meador Bullard was born September the 18th 1858 on Thursday
Lorenzo Dow Learenc Bullard was born March 21 on Thursday 1861
Rodah E. Bullard was born April the 17, 1863 Friday
Asa E. Bullard was born June 23, 1877 on Saturday nite
End of record Page 2

Page 3 of records  (CONTINUED)

Aschelaes Bullard was born September the 27, 1878 on Friday at 2 oc 
 (Down the page)
Emma Bullard died August 4 1928

Second column

Elmer H. Bullard was born August the 23, 1884
Johnny Lorenzo Bullard was born October 5, 1886
Bessa Minnia Bullard was born January the 11th year of 1889
Edward Bullard was born April he 16, 1891
Fredda Evert Bullard was born October the 25 on 1893
Virgl Franklin Bullard May the   (May 23 1898 off page)
Rhoda Loving Bullard born on August 7 the year  (1900 off page)
Rena Bullard born on Oct. 11, 1904
End of brith record page 3
Page 3 of records.
Lorenzo D. Bullard & Rodah Bullard was married November the 16 1837
Sarah A. M. Bullard was married September 20 1855
Wm. H. Bullard was married Feb. the 9 1860
Sarah An Martha Blankenship was marred September the 20 1855
L. D. Bullard and Martha E. Vaughn marred July the 25 1876 on Tuesday
Laronce Bullard & Emma Withrow was marred October the 25 1883
Harve Bullard marred Ollie Farmer 29 of August of the year 1906
Johnny Dow   -?-onsey Bullard was marred to Martha Malone February 5 the year of 1908
End of record page 4.

Notes by Spencer:
This is a note written on the top of plain white paper and torn off below the note:

June 26th 1860 - This is to certify that we have examined Andrew Bullard find him to be not an able bodied man, not sufficient to perform a good days work, as road labor.
             D. C.        W. S. Basrickamar  -?-. P. Green 

 Additional records are:

  1. a letter to Lawrence Bullard from a friend, John C. Hill who had moved from Illinois to Missouri to Nebraska, to California.The letter was dated February 8, 1903.

  2. a Marriage Certificate from Richland County, Illinois for Lawrence L. Bullard of Indian Prairie and Emma Withrow of Noble, Illinois. The certificate is dated October 25, 1883.

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