First, thank you for not asking. me to help do your research.
I have a life (work, family, and do lots of volunteer work), I do not turn the computer on every day and, never when a Pro Football Game is on <grin>, or working on my own family trees.

My goal is to have as much data as possible on this site to help researchers.  But please remember, I am only one volunteer person and the only coordinator for this site.  I pay for the all the data that I provide for this web site, its private server, and I pay the service provider extra for virus and adware/spyware protections for all those that visit here.

You can help by submitting items!! Send a Family Group Sheet, obituaries, family records, add your name to the surname list, and so-on.

PLEASE DO NOT ask me for the following items, of which I can not and will not do because I am totally blind!  The top request I get are

Too often I get email because a mis-spelled name or contained a 'nickname'. was displayed.  I copy all documents and display each "as it is written".  I know "Bob" is a nickname for Robert, but I will not put Robet as the Given Name if the document reads "Bob".  If anyone has a problem figuring that out, they should not be doing research!

Do Contact me to:

Last, if you need help, send email out to the Wayne Co., IL mailing list (see link on the main index page to subscribe, then send your email to the list.

If you still need to contact me,,send me email by clicking on this link -->


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