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The Press was founded by David Wright Barkley in 1866.  The Press is the lineal descendant of the War Democrat.  Barkley changed the papers name to the Wayne County Press.  A bust of him stands in the University of Illinois Journalism Hall of Fame.  The Press has had only five publishers during its 135-year history: David Wright Barkley, 1866-1887; William Goudy, 1887-1909; E. H. Childress, 1909-1943; T.O. Mathews, 1943-1985; Tom Mathews Jr., 1985 to present.

The paper comes out every Monday and Thursday.  The cost for a one year subscribtion for deliveries in:

To contact the PRESS, the snail-mail address (no!  no email!)

Wayne County Press
213 E. Main St. 
Fairfield, IL  62837

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