Wayne County

Places to Eat

Submitted by Dianna Williams

Name Location
Berets Skillet 200 W Main   4 blocks east of court house
hrs. 6am - 8pm Mon-Sat   7am-1pm Sun
Mexican El Charro 1 block from court house 
Chinese  Panda Buffet in front of Super Wal Mart
5 Brothers across from Brairwood Motel and Super Wal-Mart
Dimangeo 1312 W. Main

Fast Food and  Pizza
Name Location
McDonald 1212 W. Main
Wendy's 1000 W. Delaware
Mexican Tacco Tierra 1100 W. Main
Dairy Queen 1204 W. Main
Pizza Hut 1208 W. Main
Classic Pizza 215 W. Main -1 block west of court house
Subway Next to Super Wal Mart

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