Wayne County

1840 Census

This project was transcribed (read) by my sister while I typed, and it was proof read by Jeanne, Linda, Carol, and Sandy. Then it was submitted by all of us.

Many thanks to everyone to help make this successful and able to display here to help everyone.

We dealt with a lot of errors, of which is why I say "THANK YOU!!" to the volunteer proof readers, Linda Humphrey, Carol Hamilton, Jeanne Delaney, and Sandy Bauer.

After the 1830 and 1840, I swear I will never do another census! As I told the volunteers, "if I even think of it, take my computer away!"

I hope this helps someone...  that is the goal and makes the hardship worthwhile.

Dianna Williams

The Beginning of the Census   (note: this was very hard to read)

We testify that we saw  .... Turney, ...  Charles Wood and Samuel  F. ....

I,  Daniel Turnery assistant marshall for the county of wayne and state of Illinois, certifiy that the foregoing sheets contain an accurate enumeration of the inhabitants of said county taken pursuant to the several acts of congress for taking the 6 census of United State.

D. Turney,
Assistant Marshall, W.C.Ill.

Total white male     2,667
                   females 2,452
                          total 5,119
             Black males        3
             Black females     3
                                    5125 people


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