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1820  FEDERAL  CENSUS  1820

The Wayne County, Illinois 1820 Federal Census page.   As a part of the USGenWeb Census Project, this census was abstracted by John C. Jacoby,  late 2000 from public records.  After it got proofread by Kathleen O'Reilly, it  was submitted by John on January 15, 2001 to the USGenWeb Census Project.   Then it  was edited and reformatted by Maggie Stewart,  February 2001.

Wayne County was created in 1819, so this is its first Federal census.  At the time of this census Wayne County boundaries were different (see Maps).  Therefore, this will  included the southern part of the present Clay County and the southwestern part of present Richland County.

Illinois also conducted a 1820 State census.  However, in Wayne County  both the  Federal and State census were done by the same individual and the names are identical on both censuses. However, there were some slight variations  which are noted below  as the order of the names are somewhat different on the State census.

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